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julie dench is m. >> i have a lot of people looking forward to that. a check of the forecast back to lynette. things could be turning better, people wanting the warm up. we'll get in on that as we head to the weekend. >> heading to the bus. bundle them up. it's not as cold but it is cold nonetheless. temperatures around 38 degrees. 56 by this afternoon. we'll start with sunshine and end with the sunshine. as we go into game day, yes, we are going to be playing the raiders. that is sunday at 1:00. 62 degrees. plenty of sunshine. we'll take that with a light south breeze. no ravens. >> let's check on the traffic. >> i second that. hopefully they can get the raiders pgh if you are traveling in hunt valley there is nothing on swan road. it will be nice and clear.
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for you traveling downtown, this is 95 at 395. no problems now getting into the city. everything traveling through the tunnel and the harbor tunnel. and the abc drive times, you notice the beltway will be in great shape. and the outer loop. the west side nice and clear. 11 minutes on the outer loop down to 95. and wearing helmets and carrying axes, group of thieves make a heist in a mall. we'll show you how they got in and got out with so many valuables. a brazen dog nabber makes off with puppies. it is caught on camera. why the store owner is worried about the puppies.
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you may have heard of the
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story of the boy who took a home pregnancy test and was diagnosed with cancer. experts say that the home pregnancy tests can detect some types of cancer in men. the tests work by detecting a hormone. that is produced by the sells of a woman's placenta. a program has kids sticking around after class all in the name of wellness. the cardiocool kids has been doing the jab and the plank. they are part of the work out they love. it travels to schools, churchs and centers. officials say the programed as to what the students are learning in school. check your cupboards there is a recall. >> a chocolate drink being recalled because it could be contaminated. good morning maryland at 5:00 starts now.
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your money takes center stage. and the president will speak about the looming fiscal cliff. the city of new york is rationing gas trying to get people what they need. and baltimore is stepping up and helping those impacted by sandy. we're live showing you how can you lend a hand to those in the state reeling from the massive storm. that's ahead on this friday, november 9th. you want to make plans then you have to know what the weather will be like. >> we're checking by with a check of the forecast. >> i like to plan for the weekend. >> you do that during the week. >> exactly. this what we have the power radar now, not a lot. we have all the sweeps on. we're scanning the skies.
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get out there and enjoy. now how will you dress? that's the question. clarksville's temperature coming in at 36 degrees. we're cold this morning not as cold as we have been but make sure you bundle up as you head out the door. and the winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. and a bit of an improvement and a wind chill. and coming in at 40 right now. as we head throughout the day. this is what you can expect by lunchtime. let's get a check of traffic. >> we're dealing with the effects of the water main break. and north charles street from penn station to 21stst street. it will take time to fix. stick with calvert street. if you are traveling through the tunnels. no problems to report whatsoever and take a look at the west side of the beltway
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here at liberty road. everything is moving along. normal conditions now 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. the beltway will remain in great shape, traveling from 95 up to 83. that will take you 11 minutes and 11 minutes as well. centralling on the jfx from the wealthway -- traveling on the jfx on the beltway. lines at the pump blocks long. so now radar action is being take non-new york. the mayor announced mandatory rationing and drivers with license plates with even numbered plates can by on even numbered days. those with the odd number can buy on odd numbered days. >> i think that makes sense, it should have started from the beginning. it would have eased up and you would not have had the long lines. you know people trying to fight
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for gas. >> we have the gas and they're calm and happy. i'm not getting cursed at. god bless america. >> the police are encoring the rule that went into effect in long island t goes into effect at 6:00 this morning in new york city. there has been a outpouring of support for the victims in new york and new jersey. now you have a chance to help people in maryland affected by sandy. we're live this morning with more on how can you help. you are at the national harbor? >> reporter: that's right. in about an hour, you know people will be gathering here at the aquarium in baltimore to accept donations for the victims of hurricane sandy on the shore. now they are encouraging people to stop by this morning and drive off some donations to help the families. we have seen the devastation that sandy caused. they need help. they will help the people who live and work in maryland which
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is called the crab capital of the world. a bus will be here accepting non-perishable foods, blankets, fortable heaters. plume plies and tools. when they are gathered, officials from -- heaters and tools. once they are gathered they will be distributed. can you drop off the items here in the front circle right in front of the national aquarium in baltimore. the goal here is to help the people get back up on their feet and return to normal. reporting live here in downtown baltimore. and with the fiscal cliff looming today the president will talk about the plan from getting the country from going over it. it will be at 1:00 from the east room. he will not take questions. if the hikes and spending cuts go into effect, the average family can face a tax hit of
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between $203,500. that is about $150 per paycheck. the man who killed a towson student in a crash will be sentenced today. he took a plea deal. this is back in september. the 22-year-old matthew chesswick was crossing the street when he was hit. he was drunk at the time of the crash. he was charged with manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. and when you are taking your kids to school think of this. just after 7:30 yesterday, father was dropping off his child at the children our blessing from above daycare center. he left his car running with his 7-year-old son inside. when he came back the car and son were gone. a few blocks away at hamilton his son was found on the sidewalk. the car is still missing this morning. and this does not ease the pain we know what caused a fire that killed a grandmother and
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her grandchildren. it was caused by materials stored too closely to a furnace. there was no evidence thats smoke detector in the home. you will be blowing on our dice and heading to the horseshoe. and in supporter harrahs it will be horseshoe baltimore. it is supposed to offer a more up scale experience. it will be under the name of the parent company. and we will not forget the season. the os are hard at work helping those hit by sandy. >> how can you get involved. and we have a warm up on the way. if that weather will continue for veteran's day. that's coming up. and everything is up here. i'll let you know what traffic looks like on the beltway and 83.
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baseball season is over and adam jones will today ring the stock exchange opening bell -- he will ring the closing bell. that's at 4:00. he won his second gold glove last week. teammates matt whiters won giving the os the most honorees and the resippent will be honored tonight in new york. and the organization wants to help those with -- and the rye seppent will be honored tonight in new york. and the organization is helping victims of sandy. they are collecting items. can you drop off the items at the entrance of the warehouse. the items will be take ton new jersey. ravens are home and they are taking on the raiders. they beat the browns last week and they are number one in the afc north right now with a 6-2 record. the raiders now, they're 3-5.
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kickoff is sunday afternoon at 3:00. we'll need good weather. what are we in store for? >> 62 and nice for game time. the day will get up to 66, though. it will be fabulous as we head to the weekend. >> we'll start today. and chillier than the weekend. we are moving in that direction. that's what we like. not picking up on a lot. no types of rain and clouds out there. all this will translate into sunshine as we head throughout the day. the temperatures at 38 degrees. it is cold and annapolis. and mount ayre. you need the big coats even in bel air and centreville 40. and we do have a wind chill out there, gusts of 20. these are your gusts not the sustained winds. 13 in centreville.
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and 13 in annapolis and rockville and manchester gusts at 23 miles an hour. we are feeling chillier this morning. the winds will slowly but surely diminish. we will have a high pressure. and we need it to be quiet because of the past weather. and even into saturday and sunday. this is what we can expect as we look at your planner throughout the day. chilly as we head into 10:00. it will be breezy and continuing throughout the day. and 56 degrees. here is the forecast as we head into sunday. the 56 and the havens will be playing. that will be celebrated. 67. we're 60 with showers by tuesday. get out and enjoy it, it will
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be fabulous. let's check the traffic. >> i'm happy about 60s. big change from what we have been dealing with. if you are traveling this morning. avoid north charles street. the water main break from a few days ago. repairs are underway. it is shutting down charges between penn station and 21st street. stick with maryland and calvert as your alternate routes. heading out on 95 no concerns in white marsh. and it will take 15 minutes all the way into the city if you are using 695 as we check in and take a look here at hard ford road. everything is moving along. as you travel up to towson. this is 83. and it will be delay free from the beltway all the way to fayette street. it will take you a typical 11 minutes now. megan and charlie, back over to you. i'm wearing a special tie it was designed by mia who lost
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her life to cystic fibrosis. >> she was a patient at johns hopkins. one of her drawings was chosen to be put on a tie like the one here. it is part of the miracle tie collection. linda so is live to tell us how the ties can help kids who are fighting serious diseases. linda. >> 100% of the proceedings go to johns hopkins center. this is the collection this year. there are some special ties and cool things here. this is one that comes back for several years. it is a popular tie. we have world peace, snow men trees. and one of the artists, elizabeth. >> you will be tushing 15 soon. >> this about world peace and everything. , when did you draw it.
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>> last year. >> why were you at hopkins. >> i was there i was transferred for pain management. >> when were you at the hospital they asked to you draw one of your favorite things. how does it feel to see your design on a tie? >> it is cool, i would never imagine that it would be on a tie. >> you want to be an artist, what do you like to do. >> i like to draw anime a lot. >> they have special meaning, kids have have been asked to draw their favorite things. how does it feel to be a part of this. >> amazing really. yes. are you encouraging family and friends to buy one? >> i am. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. the ties are part of the miracle tie collection. it is miracle tie day if you have one wear it to show your
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support. the proceeds go to the center to help the kids being treated there. coming up, we're going to have another young artist over there, adam can you wave. he has a tie with rein deer on it. they can be found at joseph a bank. the proceeds go to the center to help the children there. can you find them on line also. >> adam looks too cute. >> nice one for him. >> we'll check in later on with her and meet adam. stay with us, perhaps they were too cute to pass up. >> now a man could be in trouble after busting through a window and making off with three expensive puppies. a guest make as mess at one store. what police had to do after a deer ended up in the wrong place. and not a lot going on. can you get information weather
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. we told you about a canadian family who cannot keep a pet because it is an exotic animal. they were told they can now temporarily keep it. authorities now say that the cat can stay while officials review the laws. the family says they will leave the area if they are forced to get rid of the pet. one customer showed up at a carpet store and no who the workers expected a deer went into the store and was in the place. it was there for half an hour. police set up barricades to lead the deer out of the store. the animal found its way out leaving part of the ant they are behind and a lot of damage. authorities say that a dog nabber broke into a store and made off with three puppies.
5:21 am
we have video to show you. the store owner said that can you see the thief right there. and throw the rocks through the window and he throws three puppies into a bag before making the get away through the window. he stole a yorkie pup and two bug puppies. that is a mechanism tour of a boston terrier and a pug. this very mice row chips. >> a designer dog. >> a bug. >> if you like your vegetables a recall to tell you about. a popular margaret recalling spinach because of e. coli contamination. who that is. books to electronics. amazon can deliver it nowed a alcohol to the list when you shop on the site. and maryland's powerful radar is quiet. how long it will stay that way coming up. and everything is up to speed here and on 95 at route
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543. what traffic looks like and 695 coming up. it's time to change the way we clean.
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and the morning milk may be different. nestle is recalling its chocolate powder because of possible contamination. the information is on your screen. we're talking about the powder and produced last month. they have an expiration or best use date before october 2014 if you want information can you contact nestle. we'll pass the number 800-628- 7679. and another alert for you. some spinach salad mixes are being recalled. it could be contaminated. they were sold under the name wegman's food. they were sold between october
5:26 am
14th and november 1. if you have it at home throw it away. it could be good for your heart and amazon is hoping to make it easier on your wallet. the giant unveiled a new place with different varieties. can you order six bottles for under $10 in shipping costs without leaving your couch. it will be available in 13 states to start but amazon will expand quickly. now it's not available in maryland but shipped to the dc area. >> heist straight out of hollywood. this is incredible. how they used motorcycles for their get away. an emergency responder being at the center of a high speed chase. what happened next.
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watergate will watch as the president deliver as statement today. he will talk about what needs to be done and cut the deficit. and mcdonalds sales are down in ten years. there is pressure from the competitorrings including burger king. and the cost of the thanksgiving feast should hold steady. and the cost is at 49.48 up 28 from last year. more stores are trying toget you from up the table and into the mall. sears and wal-mart are opening at 8:00 on thanksgiving night. best buy is offering a look and a 40-inch tv for 180-dollars. that's money.
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and let's go to lynette and she will let you know about the weather. it is
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